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Princess Polly is a global fashion brand at the forefront of trend-driven, low-impact, and approachable clothing. Princess Polly is a global fashion brand at the forefront of trend-driven, low-impact, and approachable clothing. Princess Polly, founded in 2010 as an online force in the Australian retail scene, quickly became the clothing brand seen in every influencer haul, viral TikTok, Instagram OOTD, and celeb street looks. Princess Polly, now one of the fastest-growing online women’s fashion brands in the United States, has been providing the best online shopping experience to customers worldwide for over ten years.

Princess Polly, for example, has taken the world by storm in recent years. These international fast fashion brands have emerged as some of the most popular clothing companies as online shopping has surpassed brick-and-mortar stores. Princess Polly, like Shein, has risen to the top of the market for Gen Z consumers, owing largely to TikTok and YouTube try-on hauls. Princess Polly is the fifth most popular online shopping site for young people. Princess Polly, which is much more expensive than other fast fashion retailers, rose to the top of the market thanks to celebrity endorsements from Ariana Grande and influencers like Emma Chamberlain.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Princess Polly’s labour practises, sustainability initiatives, and animal policy before you go shopping.

Is Princess Polly environmentally friendly and ethical?
Princess Polly’s website boasts an impressive and comprehensive sustainability and ethics page. This year, the retailer joined the United Nations Global Compact and aligned its business goals with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. According to these objectives, the brand pledges to “assess and continuously improve our worker welfare by maintaining a robust and ethical sourcing programme.” What does this imply? It requires all of its product suppliers and factories to join the Supplier Ethical Exchange Index, which collaborates with suppliers to improve working conditions. This index searches for a variety of labour violations, such as forced labour, child labour, health and safety concerns, unfair wages, long working hours, and worker maltreatment. While this appears to be an impressive human rights policy, factories and suppliers use it to complete a self-assessment and an independent audit, implying that no third parties are regulating labour practises. Self-regulation is expected of suppliers. The Supplier Ethical Exchange Index has been chastised for its reliance on independent auditing because changes may not be implemented. Though it is impossible to know the extent of the labour issues, 83% of Princess Polly’s factories are currently working to improve their labour practises as part of remediation plans, which means they did not pass inspection.

Along with claims to ethical supply chains, Princess Polly claims to use “sustainable materials” and that sustainability is at the forefront of the company’s mission. Is this claim credible? Princess Polly uses six synthetic materials in all of its products (polyester, cotton, viscose, metals, nylon, and acrylic). The retailer will launch a lower-impact collection made of organically grown cotton and recycled polyurethane in March 2021. It has promised to keep increasing its use of low-impact materials. It has also stated that it will use lower-impact materials in 20% of its products by 2022, 60% by 2025, and 100% by 2030.

They recently collaborated with The Better Packaging Co. to develop 100% compostable packaging, which includes compostable labels and stickers. In January 2021, it introduced a line of biodegradable packaging, and it is currently working to replace all of its packaging with these materials.

Princess Polly has an admirable animal policy, despite its misleading claims about ethical and sustainable practises. Unlike many fast fashion brands, Princess Polly is almost entirely vegan. Currently, less than 1% of its products contain animal products, and all of its products will be vegan by 2023.

Princess Polly has recently launched a Vegan Edit, which includes all PETA-approved products. It is also a fur-free establishment that collaborates with a number of animal welfare organisations, including Four Paws and the Farm Animal Welfare Council.

Princess Polly’s Sustainable
Overall, we hope that Princess Polly will achieve more ethical and sustainable supply chain practises.

Princess Polly promotes quick shipping, on-time delivery, and an easy refund process, which has earned the brand a loyal following. However, nothing is ever perfect with a fast fashion brand, is it? Many customers complained about Princess Polly’s clothing quality, sizing issues, and extremely late delivery, with some orders even going missing. Princess Polly will have to catch up to get its operations back on track.

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