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Top 5 things to do in Rome with family

Over 2,000-year-old structures and ruins, an incredible panorama of the majestic city, a stroll with your partner through the Gardens, fantastic family camping areas, astounding art collections, exquisitely crafted basilicas, and the opportunity to meet with the Pope are just a few of the sights and activities you can enjoy in Rome.

The romantic city has so much to offer that narrowing it down to the top five is difficult, even for

Traverse the Ancient Colosseum

The Colosseum is unquestionably one of Rome’s most magnificent buildings and is a must-see for visitors. It is a very sizable amphitheater that is situated in Rome’s historic center. It was regarded as the biggest arena ever constructed during the time of the Roman Empire. It not only serves as Rome’s most recognisable monument but is also a wonderful representation of the highly developed talents and dexterity of the past Roman architects. This enormous, more than 2,000-year-old arena can hold more than 50 000 spectators at once. You can categorically state that it was worth the effort, time, and money you expended just to stroll through it due to its prominence and extraordinarily amazing structure.

You should not skip pampering your mouth with Rome’s provender while visiting the city. A piece of real pizza Romana is available at any of the city’s numerous pizzerias. Try a piece of crispy crust pizza that has just been thrown in a traditional wood-fired oven and sip on a pitcher of Roman-style wine if you want to experience the city’s pinnacle cultural gourmet cuisine. A sinful pleasure of Rome you shouldn’t pass up attempting would be the delectable delights. Rome’s best chocolate and delectable delights can be found in the city’s elegant cafés and stores, particularly those near the Pantheon. Don’t forget to treat your taste buds to some of the best desserts and cappuccino in Italy.

  • Visit a Pope’s Audience

Everyone is allowed to attend the Pope’s public meetings in Saint Peter’s Square, including Catholic followers and people of other religions. Get a closer look at the Pope by attending his Wednesday morning service in the viewing room at Sala Nervi. After the service, you can take a walk about Saint Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museum, and the Sistine Chapel to admire the intricately painted murals and Michelangelo’s magnificent creations.

  • Put some money in the Trevi Fountain

In Rome, there are undoubtedly a lot of activities to do and lovely places to visit. Never skip throwing a change into the famous Trevi Fountain if you want to get the fullest sense of Rome. Tossing money has long been thought to guarantee a return journey to Rome. Not only is this pond well-known for its strong cultural beliefs, but it is also well-known among photographers and painters.

  • Wander the Gardens at Villa Borghese and unwind there

It can be a real pleasure to stroll through Villa Borghese’s grounds and take in the peaceful fresh air, whether you’re doing it by yourself, with friends, family, or with your significant other. Next to the garden of Doria Pamphili and the Villa Ada grounds, Villa Borghese is Rome’s third-largest park. It is also the most accessible public playground in everlasting city, making it extremely popular with tourists, strollers, joggers, and people who enjoy taking their dogs on walks. The peaceful and entertaining sailing exercise at the man-made lake in the gardens of Villa Borghese is available to both visitors and residents.

Additionally, you might appreciate mounting a pony in the park, feeding the turtles, and observing the various species of waterfowl and fish in the reservoir. You can ascend the steep slope directly behind the Gianicolo and Trastevere if you want to escape the bustling city life or if you like to avoid the dense city throng.

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