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How to Prevent Your Nails from Breaking

Strong, healthy nails can be an indicator of overall health, but they aren’t always as strong as we’d like them to be. The good news is that we can always make lifestyle and habit changes to help strengthen our nails and get them where we want them.

It can be excruciatingly uncomfortable to have dry, brittle nails that break or rip. If you have nail breakage, there are a few lifestyle modifications you can do to assist your nails in return to a healthy, smooth, and strong state.

We asked a dietician, a dermatologist, and, of course, a certified nail artist for advice on how to stop your nails from breaking for good. These specialists handle nail health from every perspective, from how to improve your diet to which environmental variables may be causing havoc on your digits. They advise on poor behaviors to avoid, biotin myths to avoid, and your best options for getting the nails you will always desire.

Why are my nails constantly breaking?

Don’t you despise it when your nail breaks? What a calamity! It’s fine if a nail breaks by mistake. Accidents occur. If, on the other hand, your nails are continuously breaking, splitting, peeling, or chipping, you have a problem.

You must care for your nails attentively and patiently strong, attractive nails do not appear overnight. You can have the nails you’ve always wanted by following the simple instructions listed here.

Here are some pointers to help you strengthen your nails quickly.

1. Consume a biotin supplement

One of the B vitamins is biotin (also known as vitamin H and vitamin B-7). Because it is water-soluble, it is not stored by the body, thus you must ingest it on a daily basis. Biotin can help strengthen hair and nails as well as the nerve system of the body. It can be obtained from foods such as sardines, boiled eggs, and legumes, or by taking a B vitamin or supplement. Before taking a biotin supplement, consult with your doctor to check that it is safe for you.

2. Limit your exposure to water

Soaking your nails in water for an extended period of time might cause them to become weak and brittle. When washing dishes, use gloves and try to keep your hands out of the water when taking a bath. Of course, it’s impossible to prevent submerging your hands all the time, but it’s something to keep in mind.

3. Keep hydrated

Drinking adequate water is important for overall health, including nail health. Without sufficient moisture, nails can become brittle and easily break and peel. Drinking enough water allows them to maintain moisture and remain strong.

4. Maintain a healthy diet

Make sure you eat a healthy, diverse diet and take a multivitamin with minerals. A diet lacking in essential vitamins and minerals can have an impact on your entire body, including your nails.

5. Be cautious of the products you utilize

Many nail paints and treatments involve harsh chemicals that might weaken your nails. Acetone-containing nail polish remover should be avoided because it can cause nail damage. Look for nontoxic nail paints and soaks, as well as a polish remover that is free of acetone.

6. If possible, avoid using gel or acrylic nails

While they are marketed as a simple solution for those who have difficulty growing their nails, frequent use might cause your nails to peel, weakening them. If you must have them, don’t wear them all the time.

7. Take a vacation from polishing your nails

Similarly, while nail paint looks lovely, your nails need to breathe. The use of polish on a regular basis, even if it is harmless, might weaken the nail. After a week or so of using nail polish, remove it with an acetone-free polish remover and let your nails be varnish-free for a week.

8. Keep your nails as short as possible

Long nails are more likely to break and become entangled in things, but shorter nails are less likely to be chipped, cracked, or split, which helps maintain them strong.

9. Never use your nails to do anything

Instead, use your fingers to open a Coke can or a paper clip to reach something in a tight spot. Using your nails as tools can cause breaking and chipping, weakening the nail.

10. Apply lotion to your nails

After removing your polish, or if you believe you are dehydrated, apply a hand cream to your hands, being sure to moisturize your nails. This is something you can do every time you wash your hands.

11. Avoid using drying products

If you use hand sanitizer, avoid getting it on your nails, and don’t use too much. Constantly using hand sanitizer might be harmful to the nails. This is due to the sanitizer drying out the nails (and hands), resulting in brittle nails.

12. Alter the way you file your nails

One Direction is more than just a boy band name! Filing your nails in a saw-like back-and-forth motion might actually weaken them. File in one direction only, and take it easy on the sides of the nails because too much filing there will weaken the nail.

13. Exercise caution when using cleaning products

Wear rubber gloves when cleaning around the house. Many cleaning solutions and cleaning wipes contain chemicals that might cause nail weakness. Gloves aid in avoiding contact with these substances.

14. Examine your shampoo more closely

If you use a shampoo that is harsh or seeks to strip oils (for oily hair), it may be drying out your nails and causing thin or brittle nails. Change your shampoo every couple of weeks to see if you see a change.

15. Consult your doctor

If you will try everything and still haven’t seen any improvement in your nails after several weeks, consult a dermatologist. They might examine your nails and inquire about your daily routine and overall health. If necessary, they can recommend a prescription-strength nail treatment to help strengthen your nails.

Repairing Nail Damage

If your nails are already damaged, the following items can help you mend them:

Soak your nails in olive oil for 15 minutes twice a day for a month, then once a week after that. This can be used to rehydrate and strengthen damaged, peeling nails.

Every night, apply cuticle cream. Regular moisturizing might aid in the repair of damaged nails.

Take a nail polish vacation. If you’ve done all the measures and your nails are still brittle, give them a break and remove the polish. Because all nail lacquer contains components that dry out your nails, giving them a break (for around three months) may allow them to self-repair.

Consume biotin supplements. Increasing your biotin intake may result in thicker nails and hair.

Take care of your nails.

Our nails can communicate a variety of messages to others, and weak or brittle nails might make you feel self-conscious. Fortunately, there are numerous things you can do to strengthen and improve your nails.

Give your nails plenty of gentle loving care. Beautiful nails are the crowning glory of your hands, just as beautiful hair is the crowning glory of your face.

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