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The Best Nail Colors for Work

If your employer needs you to go to work every day, you should probably observe a professional dress code. This implies you will be able to dress in pantsuits, skirt suits, and a variety of shirts, trousers, blazers, and jackets. 

As a career community dedicated to assisting women in achieving their goals, Fairy god boss members frequently express concern about how they are seen at work — sometimes, tragically, for what they are wearing (even on their nails).

Perhaps you will always wear the same colour or cut your nails the same length and want to try something new but are concerned about what your nails could say at work. While professionalism is required at work, there is still room for creativity and expression. When you have the freedom to look and feel like yourself, you could just produce your greatest work. So, whether you prefer the natural look, acrylic tips, or nail art.

Nail Designs for Those Who Prefer a Natural Appearance

Natural polishes that are suitable for the workplace are available from nail brands such as Essie, OPI Nail Lacquer, and Revlon colour Stay.

Here are 31 ideas for professional nails for work.

1. Strong Red

Classic red is always at the top of every nail colour selection! Red nails are always appropriate for workplace meetings, company gatherings, and casual work days.

2. Nude Shades

Any brownish, pinkish beige nail colour will do for the office. Choose a colour that complements your skin tone so your hands can shine.

3. Gray

Whether you choose light or dark grey nail colour, it will be appropriate for work. Gray is the official colour for the workplace.

4. Burgundy

If you need a confidence booster and don’t feel like wearing red, burgundy is the way to go. Although burgundy is usually considered a winter colour, you can still wear it all year long and look amazing.

5. White

Snow, pearl, ivory and cream whites are all the rage right now, and they’re ideal for practically every occasion. White is a colour that never fails to make amazing nail polish.

6. Pink Balayage

Play around with a balayage design on your nails. Use a soft gel foundation with a darker gel edge that blends into the nail. This design makes use of glittering gel polish.

7. Neutral Taupe

A neutral colour like taupe is ideal for the workplace. This gel nail polish will match or complement all of your work clothes.

8. Mix-Matched Nails

Mix and match neutral gel polishes on your nails. Stick to lighter colours and simpler designs to keep it professional.

9. Matte Mauve

A matte mauve nail will add a pop of colour to your work wardrobe. The gel polish adds shine to the nail without making it too flashy.

10. French Manicure

French manicure isn’t just for weddings. You can still wear French manicures to work and look both feminine and professional.

11. Earthy Green

While some shades of green are better suited to the beach, earthy green is one of the shades that work well in the office.

12. Neutral Metallic

Nobody can blame you if you want to look a little more glam at work. Along with your chic outfit and makeup, let your nails match this stunning look by sporting neutral metallic nails.

13. Pale Pink

Some women dislike glittered nails but prefer pale colours. If that’s the case, simply go for pale pink nails and top them with a glossy coat or don’t.

14. Royal Blue

Consider a blue polish with no design if you like bright colours but don’t want to drive your workplace employers insane.

15. Vivacious Pink

If the pale pinks aren’t doing it for you, perhaps a more vivacious shade of pink will.

16. Purple Vibrant

Purple can be a fun colour to paint your nails, as long as you match the polish to your outfit. You don’t want to look like Skittles, but purple goes well with all shades of grey.

17. Black Tip

Forget about the traditional white tips from France. These black ones are much more edgy, giving you the confidence you need to crush your work day.

18. Soft Glitter Balayage

Who doesn’t adore a beautiful shimmer? Thanks to a subtle glitter top coat, this balayage French tip really shines.

19. Glitter Tip

Do you like glitter but don’t want to use it too much? A glitter tip adds a touch of glitz without going overboard in the office.

20. Cheery Yellow

In the spring and summer, you might want to experiment with yellow.

21. Nail Art That Is Out of This World

If you were feeling uninspired at work lately, try taking your nails out of this world.

22. Marble Nails

With this marble look, you can match your nails to your office decor.

23. Daisies and Stripes

If you work in a creative environment, daisy and stripe designs like this one can be a fun way to add colour to a black-and-white work wardrobe.

24. Floral Print

A floral design is appropriate for any season, and you can choose to paint the design on just a few nails if you are concerned that too many flowers will be too much for the workplace.

25. Designer Tips

Tie-dye designs like this one are a little more fun than any plain colours if you work in an office that allows for a little more creativity.

26. Periwinkle Blue Tips

Blue nails may not be appropriate in all workplaces, but these periwinkle blue nails are light and playful. Just make sure to wear them with neutral-coloured outfits.

27. Pink Balayage

Play around with a balayage design on your nails. Use a soft gel base with a darker gel edge that blends into the nail. This design makes use of glittery gel polish.

28. Wintry White

White nails look great with everything but are difficult to keep clean. This is because white polish typically requires several coats to look even and the more coats you apply, the more polish you have to chip off. From the start, the gel polish will appear cleaner and thicker.

29. Midnight Black

Remember that no design or colour is off-limits, including darker hues that may not be traditionally considered appropriate for interviews.

30. Pastels

If you like pastel nail polishes, you can wear them to work with no problem. Purple, yellow, orange, green, and blue pastels are excellent choices.

Whether you prefer muted or bright colours, you can find a nail polish colour that complements your personality while also being appropriate for your formal workplace. You don’t have to abandon your personal style, you just have to incorporate it into your business look in a subtle way.

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